As with cars, people looking to buy motorcycles often find the solution in the used motorcycle market. The advantages can be many, since there is a great variety of bikes in the used market at a considerably more affordable cost due to the depreciation of the vehicle. But just like with cars, buying a used bike can be a total success or the cause of the biggest of your depressions.

We give you some tips that would be good to consider when starting the search for your new companion of adventures on wheels:


  1. What do you want it for?

How much you enjoy your new bike will depend on how well it suits your lifestyle. Including your financial situation, remember that the expense does not end in the purchase, in fact starts in the purchase, a motorcycle requires constant maintenance, especially for safety.

  1. Investigate

To make it a good purchase you need to do a good investigation. From the price range that is right for the type of bike you want, like the kind of details you have to know about it.

  1. A private vs. a concessionaire

Definitely in a concessionaire you will pay a slightly higher price, but the purchase will probably be less risky and with a particular the level of risk is significantly higher. That is the most significant difference between one and the other. It helps a lot if the individual is an acquaintance of yours and of trust. He will provide you

  1. Test before you buy

If you have already found the perfect motorcycle at a price that you can sustain, it is very important to make sure that you are going to buy something that is in good condition. It is basic to inspect each of the worn parts of the motorcycle, you may find rust, corrosion or cracks, do not forget to check the oil.

It is not enough to inspect visually, it is important that you feel, “drive before you buy”, an honest seller will let you make a test trip.


  1. The documentation

Especially in sales with individuals, the documentation is one of the most important subject you have to see before accepting the purchase of a motorcycle, because you need a title. Without a title, you will not be able to register your new bike. Find out how the laws in your area apply to old motorcycles, it is possible that only one ATV bill of sale is valid but DO NOT deliver the money without having a title, especially if the bike is relatively new.

  1. Enjoy a good ride

Once you came to an agreement, make sure everything is in writing and signed. You are almost ready to take a walk, the small detail of hiring a motorcycle insurance is missing. After that you can finally put on your helmet and all your safety equipment, to finally go for a ride on your motorcycle.