3 tips before buying a new BMW

We all know and love BMW. Some of us can afford it fresh from the factory, others not. Here are some tips before buying a new 2019 BMW X7.

Tip # 1: Check your finances

Check your finances first to know exactly which BMW to buy. Many people know that they can afford to buy a new BMW, without knowing how they can afford better or pay less.

It is also useful to know your debt ratio. It’s not because your monthly salary is 6,000 Euros that you can afford a new BMW. Indeed, it is possible that your monthly charges do not allow you to buy a new car. Always keep a debt ratio below 33%.

Tip # 2: Do not be in a hurry

Know exactly what you want and why before you start buying a new BMW. If you want a BMW 650i, but you only need a 550i, forget the 650i. Always think about your daily use. Try to honestly consider your real need.

Same thing if you want to buy a BMW M and you do not know which model to take. A BMW M2 differs from an M3. In addition, the different packs make each version unique. Try the vehicles and correlate with your actual use. Take the time to refine these points before committing yourself.

Tip # 3: Buy or Rent?

You do not drive a lot and you change vehicles every 2 or 3 years? Rental can be a better alternative to buying a new BMW.

On the other hand, if you think of keeping the vehicle for a longer time and then pass it on to a relative or simply sell it, the purchase remains the best option.