Important Information about Third-Party Logistics and Tips on How to Avoid Losses

Third-Party Logistics

3PL Guide: Avoid Common Mistakes

Have you just started your own business and need effective logistics maintenance management? The problem is that the greater part of startuppers can’t afford to keep a logistics unit while it’s a rather costly and time-consuming experience. It’s more profitable and compelling to use 3PL services. If you do not know what this abbreviation stands for, the following information will be rather useful.

Third-party logistics implies a complex process that encompasses all the stages of warehousing through to delivery. It allows the business owners to focus on other aspects of company development. You are to get top-notch receiving, storing, packing, and delivering services. In simple terms, a third-party shipping company organizes the transportations of your cargoes from beginning to end. Although it’s rather convenient, 3PL has both advantages and disadvantages. It’s necessary to consider some aspects in order to avoid crucial mistakes.


Control is important

The greater part of beginner businessmen believes that it’s enough just to hire a freight forwarder, set up main goals, and savor flawless functioning of the supply chain. Very often, it leads to serious problems and financial losses. Not all companies are reliable. Sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they want to make as much money from your order as possible.

Your task is to keep logistics under your control. You are to check the adherence to deadlines, the quality of shipping, and bills, of course.


The backup plan is a must

Although the industry of 3PL services goes from strength to strength and it’s extremely popular among business owners, you can’t exclude the possibility of a bad experience. Sometimes it happens that the shipping company doesn’t meet your needs and expectations. As a rule, you do not have a lot of time to find an appropriate alternative. It’s better to look for possible variants in advance. It allows you to avoid potential delays and financial losses.

It’s a long-term partnership

Nowadays there are copious freight forwarding companies. They offer versatile services. Still, the owners of small firms make a common mistake. They tend to cooperate with 3PL companies instead of working with smaller forwarders. The issue is the representatives of 3PL are aimed at long-term cooperation. It’s simply not profitable for small enterprises;


Unclear pricing policies

Before you sign in an agreement, you have to clarify all the details of pricing policies. You should understand what you pay for. It’s better to choose companies with stable rates;


Contract enforcement

Despite copious warnings and cautions, people still tend to ignore the details of the contact. It may lead to significant misunderstandings and errors. There are a couple of aspects you should keep in mind about the contract. If it’s estimated that only full truckload services are to be provided, you should not wait for some extra options. Forwarders never do anything without saying. Therefore, you have to explore an agreement carefully.

So, effective logistics management is a significant element of any business model. No matter whether you prefer outsourcing type of transportation management or favor DIY approach, it’s necessary to figure possible mistakes or problems and be ready to solve them.