How to buy and sell cars online safely?

bCar dealer do not always have a good reputation. Even individuals who resell their own cars are not always very honest. Internet is also a dangerous place. Therefore, when you intend to buy or sell a car online, you may find yourself on a very slippery slope. Not to mention that you are about to spend a significant amount of money on something that can be relatively dangerous (according to statistics). How to avoid the pitfalls and find a reliable source that will sell you a car at a reasonable price?

It always helps to know a minimum about cars but we will act as if you did not know anything to make things more interesting. Beyond that, it’s also good to know a thing or two about secure online shopping, and I think we can help you.

You have two options: you can buy a car from a company that specializes in vehicle sales, or you can buy a car from someone who posted the picture of their vehicle on the Internet. It is the same to resell your vehicle.

If you are going to buy a car from a company such as Carmax (one of the most important vehicle sales sites in the US), which has positioned itself online quite aggressively, or other sites like Autoscout24 in Europe, you do not take too many risks (especially if you are looking for a new car). It seems to me that these companies also buy second-hand cars, repair them and sell them at slightly higher prices. On sites like eBay or The Right Corner, you take more risks, but you also have a better chance of getting a good deal.

Let’s start with reputable companies because it’s easier. If you have decided to buy a car or resell your vehicle via one of Secure Car Dealer Sites, you do not really have to worry. Visit their site, find a car you like and decide whether to buy it or not. From there, go to the site where the vehicle is and try it out. All transactions – whether you buy or resell – will certainly be done once there.

This is an essential point: conducting a transaction in real life (and not online) does not mean that the transaction is more secure. Take a look at the place. If it looks suspicious it’s probably because it really is. And you would not want to use your credit card.

Of course, most of us are not going to buy a car with cash, we will probably have to make a loan. This is where you have to be very careful. I cannot stop you from buying a horrible car (although I think a Carfax report might help) but I can try to convince you not to take a very bad loan. I will not name anyone in particular but regardless of the source of the credit you are about to sign. Depending on your credit, you will pay an interest rate between 5% and 15% (plus or minus). If you are asked to pay more than 20%, it is either a very bad credit or a scam.

The most interesting transactions are those that take place on sites like eBay or The Right Corner. If you sell your vehicle, how do you know that the buyer does not intend to steal your car? And if you buy one, how do you know that the seller does not intend to steal your money? And in both cases, how do you know that this stranger you met on the Internet and that you are about to meet in real life does not intend to murder you? You cannot know it, although I admit the last situation is a little exaggerated.