Whether there are real auto parts sellers on the internet?

auto delovi leminex

Buying large car parts online can be a big liquid.. Buying online can sometimes be risky and in many cases it happens that the parts that customers get are inappropriate and of poor quality. To identify the right seller and verified we give you advice from our experience

We want to help you in shopping with simple tips on how to find if the part is right for you car, originality of goods, brand and a reliable seller. Experts from the site “auto deloviwill help us figure out to identify a good seller or site

Search of parts and their identification

The part itself always has an engraved number on the rubber or metal of the spare part itself. This is actually the original number of the manufacturer (OEM NUMBER) which the factories identify and register under some number during installation. A salesperson who has been in this business for many years certainly owns programs and databases with all the original numbers.

Sometimes it happens that there is no number in the work. This is in a small number of cases. Then you can give the seller your chassis number and based on it he will find in his program the part that fits on your car.

Quality of goods

It is very difficult to conclude through websites which sellers have original, replacement parts (not cheap Chinese parts). The only way to check this is to ask the seller if they are representatives of a brand in the country you are calling from. On the sites of the brands you are interested in, check if they are really registered in the database of dealers. Certainly some brands do not put a list of dealers on their sites and then have to trust their instinct. Unfortunately that is the only way.

Brands of car parts

Brands that have a long tradition in this business take great care of the quality of their products. So always opt for them because they do not want to lose a reputation that is difficult to gain in the market.

The brands we suggest are Sachs, Luk, Ina, Bosch, Skf, Sasic, Valeo. These brands are present in factory installation as well as aftermarket sales.

Seller selection

The problem with buying auto parts online is that you don’t know your dealer personally and you don’t know if he is good or bad. There are tips that can make your choice easier.


Take a look at the site and there you can see how much money has been invested in the design of the site. For example, look at the site “autodelovi leminex” which is one of the best in this industry and compare it with your seller. See on social media if they are present and what comments they get.

At the end we can conclude that choosing the right seller has saved you time and money.