Cummins diesel engines for sale

Cummins diesel engines for sale

Are you looking for a motor for your emergency power system or for other machines? At Nationwide truck parts you will find a wide range of motors with different outputs for all conceivable applications. With us, you will find motors for agricultural machines, for industry and shipping. We offer new and used as well as reconditioned engines with and without guarantee. This is why you can also get diesel engines from us that are no longer produced. In this way, you ensure that your current system can be operated for years to come. We deliver many motors quickly and flexibly from stock. If you need a specific model that we don’t have in stock, we’d be happy to help you find it.

Buy engine block and spare parts

If your machine or system needs an upgrade or an overhaul, you can buy a complete engine block from nationwide truck parts. But there are also individual spare parts such as cylinder heads, frames, and radiators. You can also get the spare parts new or used. If you need a replacement part that is difficult to locate or is no longer available in the market, there is a good chance we can find it for you. We supply engine blocks and spare parts all over the world; some of our diesel engines are specially reserved for export.

Leading brands like Cummins available quickly

In our inventory overview, you can immediately see which engines are from stock and therefore usually available within a day. You can buy new and used Cummins engines. Cummins diesel engines for sale have nearly a century of engine building experience and are one of the first to use turbo diesel engines in trucks. Cummins engines with different outputs are available from nationwide truck parts.

Motors for every situation and every machine

You are looking for a motor with the best performance for your application. Nationwide truck parts sell different brands and will be happy to advise you on the motor that is best for your situation. We also supply diesel engines, for example. The English engine manufacturer offers a wide range of engines for industrial applications. We can deliver motors quickly and flexibly, often from stock.

 Cummins diesel engines for sale and spare parts

The engine manufacturer CUMMINS specializes in engines for energy supply, agricultural machines, industrial applications, and marine engines. CUMMINS engines are therefore often used in emergency power systems, but can also be used in cranes. If you already work with a CUMMINS engine and need spare parts, you can purchase the right one from nationwide truck parts. We also have used spare parts in our inventory that cannot always be found new.

Cummins engines for different vehicles

Do you need an engine for a truck, an agricultural vehicle, or for maritime applications? Cummins has specialized in transportation diesel engines for 100 years. Also for heavy applications such as on rough terrain. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you are always informed when a new Cummins engine or spare parts are added to our inventory.

Engines for industry

From excavators to beet harvesters: Nationwide truck parts offer the right engines for these machines for sale. For example, the Cummins brands specialize in engines for industry. With us, you will find used engines, which of course have been cleaned and checked and whose seals have been replaced. We can also supply you with the very latest engines. The manufacturers Cummins as well as other brands pay attention to the current requirements for emission protection.